Copic Marker Stackable Storage Block Stand

Copic Marker Block Stand

These stackable Copic marker storage blocks makes a great studio desk accessory. Keep your markers organized and accessible, while de-cluttering your desktop with these attractive 36-marker displays. Sections sold individually. Buy more and stack 'em.

Tip: Since the Block Stands can be stacked three-high (maybe more), this option allows you to essentially showcase at least 96 markers in almost 1/2 the desk space than the traditional Copic Wire Rack. If you find that your color collection has grown to upwards of 100 pens, this is by far the best option for keeping colors organized.



  • Stackable
  • Each section holds 36
  • Compatible with Sketch or Copic markers


  • Each block measures 5.2" x 5.6" (29.12 square inches)
  • Shipping weight: 1.1 lb